7 odd things a handyman can do.

Not everybody knows how best to utilise their local handyman. Here are 7 things that your handyman may be able to do:

  1. Rescue pets! – Commonly you might think it is the fireman job to do this but alas they are busy keeping us safe at night. Your true local handyman will be more than happy to assist a cat who can’t find its feet.
  2. Weird and difficult cleaning. – A handyman can clean vents and fans of all types, these often get overlooked by house cleaners but contain an astronomical amount of dust.
  3. Pet house construction- Do you need a new dog house? or do you need a new toy for a cat to play on? Your local handyman may be able to sort you out!
  4. Rubbish removal – ┬ástill have a full garage after Spring Cleaning? Most handymen have a nice big trailer that they will be able to tow away all your unwanted rubbish.
  5. Install a trap door – need to access your underfloor space for extra storage? A handyman will be able to install it for you if you have the right type of flooring.
  6. Attic – Need extra space? Avoid the costly option of an extension by building in an attic, it may be all you were ever looking for!
  7. Insulation – Your handyman can help you with warming your home during winter and cooling it in summer by adding a layer of insulation in the roof space and even under the floor in some cases. Depending on wall construction even this can be an option which will keep you cheery in the cold months ahead.

These are just some of the many things a handyman will do for you.

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